Spending, preparation, cooking and service

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November 22, 2017
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Spending, preparation, cooking and service

The supply of food (and drinks) is the direct consequence of what has just been weighed. We then translate the abstract concepts expressed during the  brainstorming into something much more succulent:

  • The concept of  entrée in the barbecue has its widest breath in the vast panorama of the  Finger Food : skewers of pineapple and prawns, grilled corn on the cob, cheese-stuffed meatballs and wrapped in bacon, grilled ham and melon, tomatoes / peppers / stuffed mushrooms, are just some of the sick ideas that are flashing in my head, and that make particularly good on the grill in spite of a really reduced cooking time. 
    And yet, I have not yet found something as simple as it is astonishing that the efficiency of ember roasting is equal . Take for example the artichokes in the ash or the recipe of the burnt eggplant  of the boss Gianfranco Lo Cascio : place a few aubergines on the grill until the pulp does not fall under the fingers, remove the peel and whip them with a cream, adding salt, pepper and oil to a desired consistency; Serve them in comfortable small glasses, laying caprino, pine nuts or toasted almonds and a mint leaf. 
  • The huge advantage? Coming in direct contact with the embers, cooking can be carried out simultaneously with other preparations, thus embodying the concept of space optimization in an impeccable manner  .
  • The main course  is to be studied based on the number and tastes of the guests who will hit you at home. It is true that nothing lends itself to use as much as the monsters of the American Barbecue :  Pork Butt  and  Brisket are huge cuts that can satisfy (depending on the weight) dozens of people. 
    However, try not to overdo the doses so as not to incur suicide timing, bearing in mind that these are preparations where the risk of  stalling looms and you may find yourself unprepared for the arrival of the guests; for my experience, 2.5 kilos of  Pulled Pork or 5 of  Brisket are enough and advance for about 15 people.

Or, considering the difficulty of managing the  Texas Brisket (a dish that allows very few mistakes unlike the  Pulled Pork ) you could go back to the simplest  Beef Ribs , perhaps following our advice. The same goes for the  Stinco di Maiale  as an alternative to Pulled Pork, or the  Roast Chicken,  perhaps brought to pull. 
Or why not, if you do not have enough time to devote to cooking go to  Pork Ribs and do not talk about it any more: simple, effective and always tasty.

The further advantage of these preparations lies in the fact that, requiring at least 2 hours of rest in  Isobox (or alternatively in the preheated oven at 60 ° C and then switched off before use), they allow you to use the device for other minor dishes, except then heat pork or beef together with the cooking juices before serving. 
The rest phase  is essential for large size cuts to allow the  collagen to complete the transformation process in  gelatin  started towards the end of cooking (from 93 to 98 ° C); after all we talk about dishes removed at about 98 ° C inside and that in the two hours of rest at controlled temperature will not fall below 65 ° C, so you can rest assured. 
In case you do not have two devices you can always conduct the first phase (smoking and barkformation ) in the  kettle , then put in foil and place in the oven until cooked, freeing up space for other preparations. 
Try to leave the night before with  trimming and  rub , and then keep the meat in the refrigerator wrapped in transparent film in a very tight. In addition to saving you a lot of work the next morning, the salt contained in the  rub triggers the denaturing process of  dry brining allowing the protein of the meat to retain more water and therefore to keep more moisture even after cooking, while the other spices will contribute to strengthen its flavor.

For  Pulled Pork and  Texas Brisket, it is essential to proceed with Injection , in order to maintain the  moisture and above all limit and mask any errors in temperature management. Serve the frayed pork, the ribs of beef or the flat  of the breast tip sliced ​​( slides ) and the  glazed cubed point ( burnt ends ); the eye also wants its part, and I assure you that a well-kept service can only give a strong hand in this respect.

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