Survival manual for the Ferragosto grill – The expert

Anatomical cuts : the fillet steak
September 12, 2018
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Survival manual for the Ferragosto grill – The expert

Let’s start by focusing briefly on the characteristics that distinguish an  expert griller :

  • Semi-professional equipment , approximately composed of a  kettle and / or a  gas-operated device with a lid and, in addition, a  smoker  ( bullet or offset that is). Chimney (or chimneys), pliers and brushes, fireproof gloves, instant and / or probe thermometers, various accessories, fuel and wood to smoke complete the supplied equipment;
  • Good knowledge  of the practices of seasoning ( rub ,  marinating ,  injection ,  brine ) and sauces to be used, that we are talking about raw material purchased or self-produced;
  • Good experience  in the purchase and treatment of meat cuts, with particular focus on those intended for the preparations of the American Barbecue ;
  • Practical setup of the device now acquired and conducted without major problems, with reference to the preparation of the embers and the stabilization of the temperature;
  • Background with regard to recipes, methodologies and preparations.


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